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Mills is committed to operating in a sustainable manner while recognizing the interests of our communities, customers and employees.  View Mills Environmental policy here.  We love new ideas and are continually offering new programs and adjusting our business practices to achieve our goal of being a Zero Waste Company by 2020.  Continue reading or watch the video to learn more about how we are leading the way in our industry.


Climate Smart 2016 Logo


At Mills, environmental leadership is a priority and a long-standing tradition. By working closely with our family of customers, employees and suppliers, the company brings to life a vision of environmental responsibility and care that encourages and supports sustainable practices in office productivity.

Mills Social Responsibility Management Practices are based on the principle that businesses have an important role to play in addressing the social interests and sustainable development goals of their community We measured our baseline Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) inventory using data from 2013 fiscal year.

Mills is committed to reducing our largest sources of emissions, shipping, by increasing “green” driving practices, reinforcing anti-idling policy, considering fuel conversion, and assessing efficiency of current vehicles. Along with plans to reduce emissions from shipping, Mills has also developed impressive strategies to reduce emissions from electricity, heat/cooling, waste, and staff commuting.

To check out Mills Climate Smart Report and our Action Plan to continue reducing our emissions click here.