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Carbon Free Vehicles
In our business, much of our environmental footprint stems from our delivery fleet and as such, this has been a particular focus for Mills.  In order to make improvements in this area Mills purchased a 100% electric delivery vehicle in 2011, and in 2012 Mills partnered with a Vancouver-based company: Shift Cargo Urban Delivery.  Mills currently sends out most of its downtown deliveries via Shift’s electric assisted delivery trikes.


Today, Mills makes approximately 20% of its weekly deliveries without any carbon emissions.  In real terms this means about 21.32 tonnes of CO2 saved every year!

Carbon Neutral Delivery Fleet
For our non-electric delivery vehicles, Mills monitors our carbon footprint and then we purchase offsets to neutralize our impact.  Mills buys from Less Emissions which provides Canadian-based carbon offsets sourced from a project that directly reduces CO2 from entering our atmosphere.  Our chosen project is in Fedricton where 75,000 tonnes of garbage is collected and all of the gas emitted by the waste is flared to eliminate approximately 45,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering our atmosphere each year.  For more information on Less Emission and our chosen project please click here.

Closed Loop Delivery
Moppy-with-binIn an effort to reduce our impact, we offer qualified customers a closed loop delivery program which also includes an agreement to receive deliveries once a week in a reusable blue bin.  This program allows Mills to ensure the most efficient delivery of all orders within the same geographic area and creates zero packaging waste. In fact, last year Mills used the blue bins in 13,578 deliveries which saved 6,789 new cardboard boxes from going into circulation.

The program is simple:

  • You place your orders throughout the week
  • On your scheduled delivery day, your order is delivered in a blue tote
  • You keep the bin and fill it with your office recycling – we currently accept used toner cartridges, used pens and markers and old batteries.
  • When we deliver your next order we take away the old bin (and your recycling) and bring you a new one!

Consider closed loop delivery for your office!  Contact us at 1.800.665.6457 or email mills@mills.ca to learn more.